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Hi my name is Bojan Miskovic. After 25 years of passion, expertise, and dedication in the coffee business around the world. I believe that coffee is more than just a beverage; it is an art form that has the power to connect people, ignite conversations, and inspire moments of joy.

It is a pleasure to partner with Julius Meinl to bring the rich heritage and expertise of 160 years in the coffee roasting industry directly to your home.

We at Julia Teamgeist believe that every cup of coffee should transport you on a sensory journey, awakening your senses and uplifting your spirit.

We strive to create a holistic coffee experience that transcends the ordinary. From the moment you visit our landing page, we aim to captivate your senses, providing a virtual window into our world of coffee craftsmanship.

Word of our Founder & CEO

Founder of Julia teamgeist Bojan Miskovic


Our vision is to share the magic and complexity of coffee with individuals who appreciate the finer things in life.

julia teamgeist virtual assistant


We are an AI FIRST company and our AI assistants are designed to be a trusted and reliable source of information for all things related to coffee drinking. At the heart of our visionary AI assistant is the desire to enhance the overall coffee experience for our customers.

By providing an intuitive, efficient, and personalized means of communication, we aim to create a seamless connection between our coffee business and coffee enthusiasts but it doesn't stop at just providing information. Our visionary AI assistant goes beyond being an encyclopedia of coffee knowledge. It understands the importance of convenience and efficiency.

Our loved customers can seamlessly place orders through the AI assistant, eliminating the need to navigate complicated websites or make phone calls. With a few simple messages, you can have their favorite coffee blends, equipment, and accessories delivered right to their doorstep.

Through its advanced machine learning algorithms, our AI assistant continuously learns and adapts to customer preferences. It can remember past orders, suggest new products based on individual tastes, and even offer personalized recommendations tailored to each customer's unique coffee preferences.

Customer Success Team

But it's not just about the product and AI.
Our team is committed to building lasting relationships with our customers.


We listen attentively to their needs, preferences, and feedback, using this valuable insight to refine our offerings and provide a truly personalized experience.


We understand that our success hinges on the success of our customers, and we are fully dedicated to supporting their growth and satisfaction.

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