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Global Brand Ambassador: Antonio Bachour x Julius Meinl

Hello, coffee lovers and dessert aficionados!

We're excited to share some exceptionally tantalizing news with you all. Get ready for the big reveal... We are overjoyed to announce our latest venture with none other than the renowned pastry wizard and accomplished author, Antonio Bachour! This collaboration marks the beginning of a gastronomic adventure that promises to elevate your taste experiences to exhilarating heights.

Antonio Bachour, a virtuoso in crafting astonishingly imaginative desserts, developed his passion for confectionery delights early on while helping out in his family's bakery. His remarkable skills have rightfully earned him recognition as one of America's foremost pastry chefs in 2011. Adding to his accolades, he was recently honored with the Best Pastry Chef in the World Award by the esteemed Best Chefs Foundation – a true testament to his status as dessert nobility!

Throughout his distinguished career, Antonio has cast his culinary spell around the world, leaving a trail of irresistible treats in top-tier hotels and patisseries, including the iconic St. Regis in Miami. He's not just a chef but a thriving baking entrepreneur too, having opened two acclaimed bakeries and a restaurant in Miami. Additionally, his six exceptional books serve as a testament to his profound culinary knowledge and expertise.

And now, for the most exciting update. Antonio has chosen our coffee as the perfect complement to his award-winning pastry shop and restaurants in the vibrant city of Miami. When discussing our collaboration, his enthusiasm was palpable: "Each magnificent creation starts with premium ingredients. Julius Meinl's coffee is a symphony of outstanding aromas and superior quality, making it the ideal match for my desserts."

What's more? Antonio's ethos aligns seamlessly with our brand values, encompassing tradition, sophistication, and a robust dedication to social and environmental sustainability. His philosophy is all about creating joy and delight through culinary and beverage experiences, mirroring our own ethos. He also strongly endorses our commitment to sustainability, highlighted by our Organic and Fairtrade certifications. We're honored!

Brace yourselves for a gastronomic feast of flavors! Antonio will be gracing several major events, such as the prestigious Host Milano, collaborating closely with our Julius Meinl team to concoct some truly delectable treats.

Keep an eye out, gastronomy enthusiasts! We will keep you informed with all the scrumptious updates. Prepare to revel in the fusion of Antonio Bachour's delectable desserts and Julius Meinl's exquisite coffee. This heavenly culinary pairing is something we're eager to embark on with you!


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