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New product alert: Biodegradable eco-friendly capsules

Here's some uplifting news for all you coffee enthusiasts who are also committed to an eco-friendly lifestyle – you can now merge your deep affection for coffee with your green living aspirations. And the best part? You can enjoy this blend of sustainability and convenience while savoring your morning coffee made with single-use coffee capsules.

If you’re using the right capsules, that is.

Lately, the standards we set for the coffee we brew in our homes have soared. Many coffee lovers aspire to be their own baristas (though we admit, no one can replace the friendly smile of your favorite café's barista). This ambition has led to a significant increase in the popularity of coffee capsules.

With any rapidly growing trend, it's crucial to consider its environmental impact, especially on our beloved planet where we live and enjoy our coffee.

At Julius Meinl, the health of our planet is a top priority, as we're sure it is for you too, given your interest in this post.

Recent years have seen groundbreaking research and innovation leading to the development of eco-friendly capsules made from biodegradable materials. These compostable capsules minimize waste, allowing us to savor our coffee while caring for the environment.

We at Julius Meinl are dedicated to being a global coffee brand that actively contributes to sustainability and takes our eco-responsibilities seriously.

To help you make the best choices for our planet, we want to share some key information about sustainable coffee capsules.

There are three types of eco-friendly coffee capsules:

  1. Aluminium capsules that need to be emptied before recycling.

  2. Compostable capsules made from organic materials.

  3. Reusable capsules crafted from stainless steel.

We're particularly proud of our Julius Meinl Bio Inspresso capsules. They're 100% biodegradable, crafted from Biopolymer, and free of aluminium and plastic, making them fully industrially compostable.

Julius Meinl takes pride in our Bio Inspresso capsules, which are completely biodegradable. Innovatively crafted from Biopolymer and devoid of aluminium and plastic, these capsules are designed to be fully industrially compostable..

Be Mindful of the Coffee Quality Inside

Let's be upfront – crafting a coffee capsule that is both made of sustainable materials and capable of preserving the rich aromas and flavors of coffee is a challenging feat. The reality is, few materials can match the sealing effectiveness of plastic, despite our collective desire to reduce its use.

An insider tip we can offer is that packaging plays a pivotal role in delivering the full-bodied aromas and flavors of fresh coffee to homes and cafes. That's why it's important to invest time in researching the technology used in these capsules to maintain coffee freshness. Alternatively, you could simply try out different capsules and experience the noticeable variance in flavor intensity for yourself.

We highly recommend including Julius Meinl’s Bio Inspresso capsules in your comparison. We've developed and patented our own aroma seal technology. And though we're typically modest as a coffee brand, we can't help but share that this technology even garnered a ‘Packaging Innovation Award’ at a hospitality trade fair in Milan.

Our Goal is to Increase Sustainability Every Day

Introducing our range of biodegradable, eco-friendly capsules is just one aspect of our broader initiative to prioritize the planet in our practices at Julius Meinl.

Sustainability isn't just a buzzword for us; it's a fundamental commitment deeply ingrained in our identity, both in 2021 and looking ahead.

Thus, you can anticipate more updates like this from us. Our aim is to guide and assist you in making environmentally conscious choices in your coffee journey.


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